A carefully curated list of our favorite tools and resources of everything blockchain and crypto


Crypto-Wiki (Definitions and terminology)


  • Coinbase - your starting place to purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, an Ethereum. Using our referral code gets you a free $10 when signing up and making a $100 purchase
  • Binance - very popular exchange with both established and new upcoming coins
  • KuCoin - a fast-rising exchange specializing in unique and new coins
  • Bittrex - one of the most accessible US-based exchanges with most all established coins
  • Bitmex - a leverage trading platform allowing you to buy (long) and sell (short) contracts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with borrowed funds. Not recommended for inexperienced traders

Video Tutorials

  • Setting up Coinbase - a 'how to' video on creating your Coinbase account to begin buying and selling Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum
  • Coinbase 2-Factor Authentification - a 'how to' video on setting up your 2 factor authentication to add a layer of security to your account
   *  We are working to update the videos with better sound quality

Buzzworthy Online Resources

  • Blockain Buzz Telegram - Follow us on Telegram to see up to date Technical and Fundamental Analysis of various coins
  • Cryptoslate - one of our favorite sites. You'll find cryptocurrency prices, news articles, crypto event calendar, and details on upcoming ICO's
  • Coin Market Cap - an easy to navigate site on cryptocurrency prices, market capitalization, trading volume by market, and Bitcoin market dominance stats
  • CoinDesk - a dedicated cryptocurrency and blockchain news website

Cryptocurrency Trading Tools

  • Tradingview - a market technical analysis website used for both traditional stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinigy - a market technical analysis website that also allows you to connect your exchange accounts and make trades directly on their website

Cryptocurrency Wallet Resources

  • Ledger USB Wallet - a hardware wallet allowing 18 different cryptocurrencies to be natively stored as well all Ethereum based tokens through My Ether Wallet
  • Trezor USB Walleta hardware wallet allowing Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Gold to be natively stored as well as all Ethereum based tokens through My Ether Wallet
  • Exodus Wallet - a software wallet allowing 29 different cryptocurrencies to be natively stored, as well as being able to exchange/trade between those 29 different coins directly on the app
  • My Ether Wallet - Ethereum wallet that is ERC-20 compliant for ETH-based ICOs, meaning you can store any ERC-20 token here