Ep. 22 The Return of the Buzz

Welcome Back Buzz Crew! After taking a short break, The Blockchain Buzz returns with a slight revamp. Episodes will now be released once a week on Tuesdays. You'll still get your weekly blockchain news and market analysis, but the change will allow us to bring you more interview episodes, host local events, and other projects we will have in the pipeline.

In today's episode, we return to talk about the current state of BTC and the good news coming out of China and South Korea. We also touch on Ethereum's sharding & plasma updates, which allow them to process 1 million transactions per second! We end with a few thoughts on why there are reasons to be optimistic on crypto, even though the markets might not reflect the sentiment. 

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Link to story mentioned in ep: https://tinyurl.com/ydhd8plz

Producer's note: Please excuse the audio quality at the beginning of the episode. It gets better! 


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