Ep. 21 Nate Whitehill, Co-founder/CEO of CryptoSlate, Joins the Buzz

On today's special episode, Gaspar and Lucas are joined by Nate Whitehill, Co-founder/CEO of CryptoSlate. It's a special episode because the Blockchain Buzz crew swung by CryptoSlate HQ to have Nate be the third co-host on the pod. The crew discuss Consensus 2018, good SEC trolling, blockchain based gaming, and much, much more. Do they get too in the weeds? Maybe. Does Gaspar shill his CryptoKitties? Yes. Does Lucas talk about Vegas again? Of course! Listen in as three passionate blockchain enthusiasts hangout, and talk crypto!

Make sure to check out CryptoSlate for all your crypto news: https://cryptoslate.com/
Follow Nate on twitter at: https://twitter.com/natewhitehill

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