Ep.19 CryptoKitties Taking a Bite Out of Etherum FUD

Did you fall for the fake news of Ethereum and the SEC? Unfortunately, so did everyone else! In this episode of The Blockchain Buzz, we talk about the fake rumours of an SEC decision over Ethereum affected the price of ETH. We also get into Litecoin, its fall from the top 5 coin marketcap volume, and if we have lost faith in it (Spoilers...we haven’t). Also, nerd out with Gaspar as he gets his claws into the world of CryptoKitties and blockchain based gaming. All this and much more, so continue to listen and BUZZ ON!

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*Editor's note: Luis incorrectly states that the rumor about the SEC's decision on ETH originated in the Washington Journal. It was actually the Wall Street Journal.

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