Ep. 10 Interview with Nate Whitehill of CryptoSlate

Brace yourselves because this week The Blockchain Buzz interviews one of the cofounders of Cryptoslate.com (fellow Seattleite) Nate Whitehill! Tune in for a nuanced analysis of the current ICO landscape and the future of blockchain technologies from a true insider. For those unfamiliar, Cryptoslate is a dedicated team of blockchain researchers, FinTech writers and cryptocurrency investors that delivers industry leading news and market insights. What sets Cryptoslate.com apart from other news sites is that it delivers real-time market data for over 1500 cryptocurrencies and maintains a robust database of over 800 icos that is second to none. Join us as we welcome Nate back to the States from his talk at the 2018 Gibraltar International Fintech Forum (what!?, I know, baller). This episode is a long one, but for a good reason...Enjoy!

Check out CryptoSlate at: https://cryptoslate.com/

Also, please excuse the sirens and other background noise in this recording. It is one of the negatives of recording in a city.  


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