Frequently Asked Questions


This section will be updated as we gather more insights from our podcasts and communities

Am I going to make money?

Well, our lawyers that we don't have would want us to tell you that we are not financial advisors. However, short answer - yes. If you don't make rash decisions, you have a plan, you stick to that plan, then you will make money. Ideally it will be life changing money. If you try to chase the trends, sell at a loss even if it goes against your plan, and trade based on emotion, the odds of you making money will drop significantly. 

When do you tell us what to buy

The Blockchain Buzz isn't here to tell you what to buy. We are here to provide blockchain news, cryptocurrency updates, and market analysis. We will discuss what we are bullish and bearish on, provide some insights in to how we are thinking about various coins, and also point you to relevant news to help you make better decisions. At the end of the day, you should also be doing your own research to figure out what you want to buy and invest in. We are just a starting point to help you make the best decisions possible.

How do I get you to answer my questions

Email us! We'd be happy to cover anything you want to hear about, so let us know what it is.