About Us

You probably want to know more about us and why we're doing this. Besides...it's always better when you can put a name to a face


Our Passion

We believe the blockchain is revolutionary, and we want to be a catalyst that helps it grow

Our Mission

To empower you to understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency

Our Promise to You

To help shed your fear, uncertainty, and doubt of blockchain and crypto so you can confidently jump in

Core Team



Gaspar is a blockchain enthusiast, evangelist, and one of the co-founders of TheBlockchain-Buzz.com. He is a Finance and ERP systems consultant by trade, cryptocurrency investor by choice.

He studied Economics at Harvard,  and currently lives in Seattle, pursuing his dreams of becoming one with the blockchain.





Lucas is our mid-western boy turned PNW coffee snob and hiker wannabe. It took a night of 5 sake bombs before the revelation set in that crypto was going change his life forever - and he's thankful everyday for that.

He hails from Michigan where he studied Psychology and Economics at Michigan State University before getting his masters degree from the same institution. He combines these two degrees into invaluable technical and functional analysis for our site.



Luis is our heart and soul, the producer of this operation. He worked in conservation biology for the state of Washington before pivoting to the financial sector.  His interests vary from science and technology to global affairs. No wonder he decided to start podcasting.

As our third co-founder, he does everything from hosting, recording, editing, and publishing each episode. He still lives a few blocks from  his alma mater Seattle University - some people just never move on.




Leo used to be a Nuclear Engineer, then got his Master's Degree in Design with an emphasis on Research and Strategy. He helps consult The Blockchain Buzz on the various User Experience aspects of the podcast, the website, and future strategy.

Other fun facts about Leo: he's really into dive-bar karaoke, this is pretty much the only picture of himself he uses for this kind sort of stuff, and his favorite Fast and Furious movie in the franchise is Tokyo Drift.

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